Inward Wire Transfer

Efficient Management of Retail and Corporate Inward Remittances

Inward wire transfers that will enable banks to enhance their offerings in the cross-border remittance space for their beneficiaries.

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Now provide enhanced transaction efficiency with Inward wire transfer platform

Instant real time response

Hold Transactions for Incomplete Data to Minimize Redundancy. Manages High Remittance Volumes during Peaks, Safeguarding Downstream Systems

Accepts multiple types of SWIFT transactions

Support for MT and MX Transactions, Tailored to Correspondent Banks' Capabilities.

Ability to maintain keywords/internal negative lists

Seamless Integration with Third-Party AML Software. Banks can Maintain and Utilize Their Own Negative Sender List and Keywords for Compliance Purposes.

Hold and Forward

Hold Transactions for Missing Information, Minimizing Redundant Work. Handles High Remittance Volumes during Peak Times, Safeguarding Downstream Systems.

Instant validations to reduce failures at a later stage

Minimize Payment Errors, Enhance Customer Experience with Key Validations: Account Numbers, Routing Numbers, Transaction Limits, Purpose, and Beneficiary Names.

Integration with Forex Rate/Deal System 

Deliver tailored Forex rates to customers based on their segment and relationship value

Credit Matching

Banks Can Establish Matching Criteria to Align Account Statements with Transaction Details. Users Can Manually Match Unmatched Transactions and Statements. Banks Can Generate Manual Statements and Transaction Details as Needed.

Exception Handling & Reporting

Offer Customers Tailored Forex Rates Based on Segment and Relationship Value


Introduce an expanded range of remittance services tailored for our beneficiaries.


User Access Management Function

Allows admins to define roles and assign responsibilities. User access management can be set for single-person control or maker-checker validation."


Reporting Function

Reporting, including regulatory and non-regulatory data, aids transaction reconciliation and tracking, with transaction reports, monthly/daily charge reports, customizable scheduling, and IT access to system-level audit logs

Compliance Function

Compliance functionality, automated or manual, is facilitated through API integrations with the bank's systems, allowing users to manually decide on transaction processing.

Operations Function

The platform enforces validity checks on country and currency, manages charges, offers MIS/Reporting with auto-email triggers, records all transaction activities for audit, facilitates SWIFT messaging workflows, enables initiation and authorization via SWIFT alliance or manual upload, allows document uploads, and supports reconciliation through various reports.


Support services to assist with every step of the cross-border transaction process


SWIFT Automation

Automated review of SWIFT messages, straight-through processing of SWIFT messages and configuration for non-STP transactions.


RIPPLE Integration

In-built components to integrate seamlessly with the RIPPLE platform and leverage the blockchain infrastructure.



Trained team of professionals to support the operations centre. Custom levels of involvement, from launch support to 24x7 management.



Compliance experts to assist with the management of diverse regulatory needs and strengthen the existing team.


Customer Service

Extend your customer service to cross-border transaction consumers. Well-trained professionals offer 24x7 support across regions.

No time like the present to empower your remittance operations