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Unlock your cross-border business potential

Grow your international remittance footprint with an agile,
consumer-centric money-transfer platform.

Fable Growth Suite

Plug-and-Play platform for the
growth-oriented bank

Customer experience focus

Customer-experience focus

Deliver a consistent, instant and seamless digital experience for individual and corporate consumers. Launch remittance services that deliver on the bank’s branding and ethos.

Business growth

Business growth

Acquire new consumers through remittance transactions. Grow a customer base in countries even without a physical presence. Extend remittance services to corporate customers.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Stay ahead of the curve with remittance services that are instant, online, and agile. Create services that reflect the changing trends - mobile-first, contactless, multi-currency support.

Go-to-market rapidly

Go-to-market rapidly

Well-designed features that assist with a launch. A wide network of disbursement , payment gateways, compliance and other Fable partners assist with every compliance and licensing hurdle.


Dedicated components for all your business needs

Global payments SaaS with features and modules configured for the varied business priorities


For retail consumers

Launch and grow among retail consumers across multiple touchpoints online, mobile & branch.


For corporates

Extend remittance services to SMEs and MNCs. Automate bulk payments, upload and processing of invoices, KYB.


For e-commerce

Create partnerships with e-commerce companies. Provide payment processing options on domestic portals for expats.


Features that enable responsible growth

Control features

Control features

Risk limits, transfer fee, FX margins and commissions can be set as per bank’s internal business models. Create checks on volume and velocity.


Compliance & regulatory modules

KYC processing, integration of anti-forgery checking partners, AML compliance, proprietary risk scoring models, integration with watch list service providers.

Customer experience focus

Consumer-centric features

Onboarding and sign-up modules, exchange rate alerts, reminders, schedule and repeat transfers, instant validations and other user-friendly features.



Interact seamlessly with bank’s existing systems and partner systems. APIs for new technologies like virtual currency and blockchain.


Security and system integrity

Exception handling capability, strict user access controls, vulnerability, penetration testing and adherence to bank information security standards.


Marketing configurations

Easy and timely launch of marketing promos. Create referral and loyalty programs tailored for the diverse end-consumer cohorts based on analytics.


Support services to assist with every step of the cross-border transaction process

 Swift automation

SWIFT Automation 

Automated reading of SWIFT messages, straight-through processing of SWIFT messages, and configuration for non-STP transactions

 Ripple integration

RIPPLE Integration  

In-built components to integrate seamlessly with the RIPPLE platform and leverage the blockchain infrastructure.



Trained team of professionals to support the operations center. Custom levels of involvement, from launch support to 24x7 management.



Compliance experts to assist with the management of diverse regulatory needs and strengthen the existing team.

 Customer Support

Customer Service  

Extend your customer service to cross-border transaction customers. Well-trained professionals offer 24x7 support across regions.


Additional information

How many countries can one send and receive money from?

Fable supports 35+ countries for sending transactions and 65+ countries for receiving transactions.

Does this only work for account holders of the bank?

No. Non-account holders of the banks can also transact using the platform. A customized workflow is provided for new consumer sign-up. Extend bank services to new consumers.

How is this different from internet banking?

Fable Growth Suite integrates with the existing internet banking facilities to enable remittance services. It provides the functionalities necessary to support cross-border transactions, online.

How many promos, rewards or discounts run at a time?

Fable Growth Suite ensures that multiple promotions can be activated simultaneously. Offers and discounts can be configured easily based on business and marketing criteria of the bank.

What level of branding can be done?

Fable provides a complete white-label solution. The theme, colors, logo and language experienced by the end-consumer are the bank’s. The bank can customize the user journey.


The growth suite for the modern bank

Go-to-market rapidly

Rapid Launch

Banks can launch a fully functional remittance service in 30 days.

Instant transactions

Instant transactions

Transactions can be processed in under 10 seconds creating an instant experience for consumers.

Global opportunity

Global opportunity

Go live in 65+ receive-side countries and 35+ send-side countries with a single installation.

No time like the present to unlock your full business potential