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Strengthen your business
through technology

One-stop solution for MSBs. For all the accounting, operational and reporting needs of your business.

Solutions for Exchange House
Drive business growth

Never miss out on a growth opportunity in the cross-border transaction business

Reach consumers through new channels like online, mobile, and more

Improve consumer acquisition through online offers and reward programs

Retain more consumers by providing both digital and offline channels


Improve efficiency and speed of operations

Decrease dependency on manual reporting

Quick integrations of core systems with third party services

Monitor all branches across the globe, more control to HQ

Ease of operations
Improve profitability

Solutions to improve margins and decrease revenue leakage

Set branch specific rates and margins to improve profitability

Decrease costs of manpower and labour costs in processing

Avoid currency shortages, get timely updates from branches


Features that improve profitability and give you more control

All in one

All-in-one platform

Accounting, reconciliation, purchase, fixed asset, currency valuation and other key operation modules at one place.


Compliance & regulatory modules

AML screening, block lists, 4-eyes and 6-eyes compliance, KYC checks, maker/checker process, automate regulatory reports, set rules for manual intervention.



Internet, mobile, at-branch, ATM, SMS and blockchain supported. Features to rapidly activate and monetize all the key channels.

API integration

API integrations

Orderly, fast and error-free integrations with payment gateways, compliance partners and other relevant third-party software.

Branded portal

Branded portal

The white-label solution to launch your online portal and serve your consumer digitally. Be accessible 24x7 from anywhere in the world.

Till and Branch Management

Till and branch management

Analytics and branch-specific features to support inter-counter and branch transfer. Avoid currency shortage. Set rates and FX margins.


Support services to assist with every step of the cross-border transaction process



Trained team of professionals to support the operations center. Custom levels of involvement, from launch support to 24x7 management.



Compliance experts to assist with the management of diverse regulatory needs and strengthen the existing team.

 Customer Support

Customer Service  

Extend your customer service to cross-border transaction consumers. Well-trained professionals offer 24x7 support across regions.


Additional information

Does Fable team provide support beyond installation ?

Product and technology experts are available 24x7 to resolve every query and clear all errors that arise in your day-to-day operations.

Does the platform generate reports for banks ?

Report formats are created as per your requirements. Once formats are set, reports are automatically generated. Reports can be automated for banks and other partners.

Can the risk limits be set on a daily basis?

Yes, daily risk limits can be configured easily . Limits can also be set on weekly or monthly basis.

Will the same platform help manage branches and the online portal?

The platform has the ability to digitize your end-to-end operations for all channels. Branches, web portal, ATMs, mobile apps — all channels can be managed with a single platform.

The core suite for MSBs

Rapid Launch

Rapid Launch

Financial institutions were able to launch fully functioning online remittance service in 30 days.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Our clients were able to save unto 45% on labour costs in operations and reconciliation.

Error mitigation

Error mitigation

75% reduction in reconciliation and error management with complete digitization.

Our technology to strengthen your remittance business