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Empower your cross-border transaction operations

A processing platform to manage partners, compliance, inward and outward remittances. A secure, efficient and experienced platform for the global bank.

Fable Processing Suite

An intelligent platform for the
modern bank

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Goes hand-in-hand with customer-facing digitization efforts. Credible technology to consolidate, automate and expand. Be well-prepared to leverage current and future business opportunities.

Cost management

Cost management

Reduce labor, transaction processing and partner onboarding costs. Clients have been able to save 35-45% on labor costs and 30% on execution costs, through the platform.

Future ready

Future-ready platform

Built for multi-currency, multi-country, and multi-partner operations. Seamlessly integrate with established technology stacks along with modern technologies like blockchain.

Secure and Stable

Secure and stable implementation

Adheres to the global security and ISO 27001 standards. Orderly integration with existing technology infrastructure. Domain experts ensure a secure and reliable implementation.


Dedicated components for all your processing needs

Features to support both inward and outward remittance priorities

Inward remittances

For inward remittances

Efficiently process bulk transactions. Manage VOSTRO partners with ease. Leverage our existing network of license and disbursement partners.

Outward remittances

For outward remittances

Effectively process requests from corporates and MSBs . Components to manage forex booking, deals, card inventory and issuance.


Features for efficient
management of operations


Automated processing

Provide real-time status, validations and straight-through processing. Streamlined, timely and rapid processing of the transactions.


Compliance & regulatory checks

AML screening, block lists, 4-eyes and 6-eyes compliance, KYC checks, maker/checker process, automate regulatory reports, set rules for manual intervention.

Partner management

Partner management

Onboard and manage license, disbursement and other VOSTRO partners. Automate revenue reports, transaction status updates, license management. Forex deal booking and management.

Intelligent engine

Intelligent engine

Disbursement engine that adapts to business rules. Flexibility on pricing, schemes, and transaction limits.

Error mitigation

Error mitigation

Exception handling capability, redundancy measures for system load, maintain BIC masters, for data retrieval.


Inbuilt integrations

Secure, inbuilt integrations with a vast network of global disbursement, license, compliance, corporate and other key partners.


Support services to assist with every step of the cross-border transaction process

 Swift automation

SWIFT Automation 

Automated reading of SWIFT messages, straight-through processing of SWIFT messages and configuration for non-STP transactions

 Ripple integration

RIPPLE Integration  

In-built components to integrate seamlessly with the RIPPLE platform and leverage the blockchain infrastructure.



Trained team of professionals to support the operations centre. Custom levels of involvement, from launch support to 24x7 management.



Compliance experts to assist with management of the diverse set of compliance and regulatory needs and supplement your existing team.

 Customer Support

Customer Service  

Extend your customer service team to assist cross-border transaction customers. Well-trained professionals that support 24x7, across regions.


Additional information

What volume of transactions can be processed?

The platform has processed 8 million transactions worth 15 billion USD. It supports 9/10 banks in one of the largest-volume countries. The platform will support any scale of operations.

What changes are required to current IT infrastructure of bank?

The suite works complementary with a variety of tech stacks and infrastructures. Our experts can integrate the suite with all existing bank systems.

How long does it take to integrate a new partner?

A wide variety of partners are pre-integrated and can go live in 48 hours. APIs are made available along with support for non-API methods as well.

Does the technology support cash disbursement? Wallets?

Yes. Cards, wallets, cash delivery, localized payout options are a few of the many disbursement channels supported by the processing suite.

Can we process demand drafts?

Yes, foreign currency demand drafts can be processed.


The processing suite for the modern bank

Effectively manage the cross-border transaction processes


Processing efficiency

Transaction processed in 6-10 seconds. STP ratios are as high as 80% with our suite.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

20-45% efficiency in labor costs along with remote work enablement.

Error reduction

Error reduction

Clients see 75% reduction in errors once the suite is fully implemented.

No time like the present to empower your remittance operations